NForce Kiosk/In-Cell Solution

A Revolution in Biometrically Enabled Prisoner Self Service

“I would say there are two elements to that (staff turnover) first of all in terms of staffing numbers it largely depends upon what you’ve got your staff doing and I think the Northumberland staff have experienced the change, where they reduced staffing numbers but before we introduced the kiosk technology they found it very very difficult. We have introduced the kiosk technology to match our other prisons and what they’ve found then is that all of the transactional processes that they were involved in is now done by the prisoner on the kiosk. That actually frees them up then to get out and continue building and maintaining relationships with prisoners and I think we keep coming back to the kiosks but they’ve been an invaluable element of innovation in new prisons and they then allow the staff then to focus on what’s important and that’s getting to know the prisoners, not sat in an office manually dealing with one hundred and fifty canteen applications.”, Mike Conway, Sodexo Operations Director at Justice Select Committee, November 2014 


Unilink pioneered Biometric Self Service Application for Prisons and secure establishments in 2007. The combination of kiosks/in-cell devices with Unilink’s NForce CMS software has proven secure, robust and effective and has been adopted throughout the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

The system is customizable, modular, biometric enabled, offers flexibility to expand functionalities at any time – as required.

Our Self Service software is not only a solution that allows prisoners to take responsibility of their own lives, but also delivers cost savings to the prison, transferring most of the administrative work to the detainees.


“From a greening perspective, there has been a massive reduction in paper usage. There has also been a reduction of in the number of mistakes being made, orders going astray, and arguments over the wrong item being ordered…” Senior Manager- HMP Lowdham Grange

  • Secure - The Self Service Kiosk is biometrically enabled via high quality fingerprint scanning.
  • Robust - Rugged and able to withstand abuse
  • Efficient - The investment sees rapid returns through reduced administration and material wastage
  • Intuitive - The system is designed to be easy-to-use, with many applications largely pictorially based.
  • Modular - The Kiosk features a range of different applications, with more constantly being developed.
  • Self-Service Culture - The NForce Kiosk Solution promotes a culture of Self-Sufficiency, enabling prisoners to manage their own finances, meal choices and other affairs.

"The Kiosks are fantastic. Their introduction has meant that they have cut down on all the paperwork that was associated with prisoner monies and canteen. It is these areas that have undoubtedly had the most effect"


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