Custodial Management System

 Unilink’s support has been second to none. Other healthcare and custodial professional visitors have seen our system working and have been most impressed and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Unilink\CMS to them.” Ian Malkin, Security Key Supervisor

Innovative, biometrically enabled, modular software package that provides efficient, cost effective and trusted management system within any secure environment.

Secure – Accurate biometrical identification.

Cost Effective - Vastly reduces staff time expended on administrative tasks.

Customisable - Modules can be specifically selected to build a solution that exactly matches establishment requirements.

Innovative - New modules and applications are continuously being developed.

Trusted - NForce is used in all privately operated, and a growing number of public prisons, as well as immigration centres and secure NHS sites.

User-Friendly - Processes are fast, flexible and easy to use.


Biometric Access Control

Unilink’s Biometric Access Control System is an identity-based solution, which increases security, intelligence and staff management.

See custodial Management Modules


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