Digital Transformation in Corrections

Governments around the world are challenged with the enormous financial burden posed by the growing prison populations and the need to find a balance between public safety, security and a humane reaction to crime. Justice Departments and correctional agencies are trialling many initiatives to cut costs while trying to maintain safety and improve reintegration, ranging from legislation to technology.

The principle of Normality is the leading concept in the development of national and international standards and guidelines to improve prisoner rights, wellbeing, and rehabilitation, leading to a reduction in the incarceration rate. Key to this principle is digital transformation, but rapid technological changes have made the task of implementing the best solution to achieve normality in corrections, much more difficult.

Unilink strongly believes in the power of technology to support the digital transformation journey and the rich portfolio of proven solutions is aimed at maximizing the ability to support process transformations that create real business values. Built in close collaboration with correctional professionals and international subject-matter experts, Unilink’s solutions help prison and probation services across the UK, Australia and other European Countries achieve their goals.

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