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Unilink at SCEPP: Corrections in the light of digital transformation

Unilink will be at Corrections in the light of digital transformation. The Swiss Centre of Expertise in Prison and Probation SCEPP is organising the third Forum on Detention and Probation, which will be fully online and will take place 25th and 26th November.

The Conference will bring together experts from the Criminal Justice sector from Europe and across the globe. The event is being organised in cooperation with: HITCJ, Harmonisation of information technology in criminal justice; KRIMINALVÅRDEN, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service; ICPA, the International Corrections and Prisons Association; EuroPris, the European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services; REPR, Relais Enfants Parents Romands; PERSPEKTIVE, Perspektive Angehörige und Justizvollzug.

The goals of the Summit include: Moving the digitisation into a position of necessity for the criminal justice system and identifying fin-dings for the development of proper practice and transfer of knowledge. The experts will discuss how to reinforce the principles of normalisation and equivalence, rehabilitation and the protection of public safety – through digital solutions and incentives based on experiences from Switzerland and abroad.

Unilink will be at the event – join and visit our virtual stand and meet our team.

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