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Securing Tomorrow: the urgency of upgrading prison technology

Technology plays a critical role within a prison environment by increasing security, speeding up processes and saving staff time allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks.

Outdated hardware can impact the performance and operation of a prison and jeopardise the security for the establishment. Therefore, it is very important to have an up to date system with the latest software which ensures the site is secure and can operate smoothly and efficiently.

The Evolving Landscape of Prison Technology

The landscape of prison technology is evolving with innovations in biometric technology, facial recognition, video analytic monitoring, tools to detect changes in behaviour, custodial management systems, self-service solutions – the opportunities are endless and provide enhancements and operational efficiencies.

The delay of digital adoption or oversight of software or hardware updates can lead to falling behind. This potentially can cause operational disruptions, inefficiencies and might also lead to security risks.

Avoid falling behind and exposing your site to vulnerabilities by ensuring that all available technological advancements are in place and up-to-date. Keeping your systems up to date will ensure they are secure and operate at a maximum efficiency.

The Unilink Difference:

Established in 1994, Unilink is a global provider of solutions for the criminal justice sector with a holistic offender-centric approach. We bring innovation to the justice sector, automating processes, saving time, and increasing efficiency.

Unilink’s solutions help prisons transform from traditional paper-based administration to digital systems. Using simple to use, intuitive software and cutting edge, secure and tested hardware, we take many routine but vital prison processes from paper-driven to IT-driven, saving paper, preventing ‘human error’ and improving security.

Used across all prisons within England and Wales and overall, at over 90 prisons worldwide, our biometrically enabled solutions improve security by preventing entry of unauthorised visitors, offender escapes and unapproved releases. They also provide prison management rich operational data which can be used to identify at-risk offenders.

Urgency to Upgrade:

As your partner, Unilink wants to ensure that your establishment is protected, systems are supported and running smoothly with the latest enhancements and updates.

Older and out of date equipment can seriously affect the prison and expose the site to security breaches, which can lead to severe consequences:

  • Outdated equipment can result in the system to stop working.
  • Firmware and software updates may not be possible.
  • Security checkpoints may experience bottlenecks, raising tensions among prisoners, staff, and visitors.
  • Increased vulnerability to potential prison escapes or drug smuggling due to compromised security.
  • Inefficiencies within prison operations are hindering staff in performing their daily tasks, resulting in prolonged completion times.
  • Impacted systems include Visits Systems, Prisoner Reception, Tracking of Movements, Traka Key Vending, Turnstile access for Staff/Visitors, and much more.
  • Using unsupported equipment, especially in a prison environment where security is paramount may lead to security breaches and disruptions.
  • Disruptions in day-to-day operations where fingerprint readers can fail will have direct impact on the security for the establishment for prisoners, visitors and staff.

Loss of Support

To avoid loss of support it is advised to plan well ahead and replace hardware and software before its expected end of life date.

If the site experiences problems with the system with outdated hardware, Unilink and the manufacturer cannot support the system, resulting in downtime and loss of service.

For example, Microsoft security and patch updates cannot be applied to older incompatible hardware, leaving the system vulnerable from a security threat perspective (viruses, malware, data breach, loss of data, loss of service).

 Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Enhanced Security

Ensuring that your establishment’s visits systems are upgraded to the latest technology and are running on supported hardware and software ensures the system is secure and less vulnerable to threats and attacks. A security breach can result in a system down with a loss of data, impacting operation of secure visits, movements and identification of prisoners.

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Streamlines processes, saving staff time
  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Systems perform at optimal efficiency
  • Ability to utilise latest functional enhancements when operating on a supported system e.g. ability to update system with new functions.
  • Frees officers’ time to focus on direct work with residents.

Contact Unilink today to avoid operational disruptions at your site. Let’s discuss how we can help you stay current and what are the options to upgrade Unilink’s equipment and rip all the benefits of fully functional, latest technologies.

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Stay confident that you run a modern and secure establishment, staying current with technology to ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of prison operations.

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