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Unilink’s CEO Francis Toye – special guest at DL Winter Reception

Francis Toye, the CEO of Unilink Group was a special guest at the Digital Leaders Winter Reception at the House of Lords on 15th December.

Unilink Technology Services, part of Unilink Group, won the award for the best Citizens Services App at the Digital Leaders 2015 as well as the overall national Digital Leader award. As the most recent winner of DL award and a proud member of DL 100 Club, Mr. Toye addressed the audience and shared his experience of winning and the activities of the company during the Reception.

Mr. Toye also had the role of introducing the guest of honour Matt Hancock MP. The Minister is himself a member of the Club being added to the DL100 list in 2014. In his introduction he focused on the Digital Transformation of Government and declared the Nominations to the DL100 2016 list formally open.

The Digital Leaders 100 is a list of 100 individuals and organisations nominated by the Digital Leaders community against 10 categories of 10. Once the list is made, it is voted on to put it into order.

Since the Digital Leaders 100 list began life as DL50 in 2013, we have now produced three lists, totaling 250 places shared between 198 individuals and organisations who were put forward by more than 2,000 unique nominations. During the course of the last three years, the list has attracted over 140,000 votes.

This prestigious collection of innovative individuals and organisations is one of which anyone would be pleased to be a member. It contains: over 20 Lords, MPs and Councilors; 40 Senior Civil Servants; 6 Government Departments and 14 Councils; over 50 Charities; and nearly 60 Digital Businesses.

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