Unilink’s CEO at Downing Street No: 10

Francis Toye, Founder and CEO of The Unilink Group, has attended a Strategic Supplier Workshop at Downing Street No: 10.

The work meeting was part of the ongoing Government programme of supporting SMEs working with the public sector. The session was chaired by the policy and business relations expert at Number 10 Jimmy McLoughlin, SME Crown Representative, Emma Jones, and Pamela Cook, Head of strategic suppliers working group of SME Panel.

Francis Toye is appointed at the Government’s SME Panel.

The panel consists of business experts from across the UK and is meeting regularly to discuss plans to boost government spending with small and medium sized enterprises.

The advisory panel, made up of 24 entrepreneurs and leading business figures boasting a wide range of experience, works with the Government to ensure that by 2020 £1 of every £3 invested by Whitehall in goods and services goes to SMEs.