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Unilink helps prisoners to have video visits with friends and family during lockdown

Prisoners in the UK are enabled to keep in touch with friends and family via video visits during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Video Visits (VV) service is provided free of charge for the first 3 months by Unilink Technology Services, part of The Unilink Group.
During the lockdown, all social visits to prisons have been suspended to protect the men in care and the community of the Covid-19 threat.
The Video Visits (VV) service, designed for secure institutions, is developed by Unilink Technology Services to enable Prison Services and Private Prison Operators to provide secure communications between prisoners and their friends and family when physical visits may not be possible.
Staying in touch with family and friends helps to maintain personal relationships and contributes to mental wellbeing. This helps prisoners cope with confinement and improves their chances of rehabilitation.
Francis Toye, CEO of Unilink said “It is vital to provide every possible means to connect prisoners and their loved ones. Especially at challenging times like these where the world is fighting the threat of Coronavirus and prison visits are closed. Prison time is tough especially under lockdown with no family visits and I am really proud that Unilink is helping in this way to reduce the tension caused by the lockdown”.
Unilink Technology Services is the world leader in prisoner communications. The Email a Prisoner service (EMAP) and Secure Payment Services (SPS) provided by UTS help over 300,000 people to stay in touch with their loved ones while serving a sentence in a secure establishment.
“Thank you to all the staff at EMAP. You provide a wonderful service. You make a very difficult situation less complicated, over the period that I have been using your service, you have demonstrated and established a level of trust that I appreciate. Again thanks and best wishes.”
Craig Thompson, Director of Serco-run HMP Kilmarnock said “At HMP Kilmarnock we have pioneered the combination of messaging between prisoners and their friends and family with the self-service kiosk system. This has proved highly successful and enables prisoners to keep in contact with friends and family and also allows us to ensure the appropriate security measures are in place. It’s a fantastically innovative and reliable product backed up by excellent support”.

About UTS
Unilink Technology Services, part of The Unilink Group, is the world leader in prisoner communications. The Email a Prisoner service (EMAP) and Secure Payment Services (SPS) help over 300,000 people to stay in touch with their loved ones while serving a sentence in a secure establishment.
Founded in 2006 by Derek Jones, while incarcerated himself, he recognised the need and importance of communication with the “outside world”. Following his release, he started Email a Prisoner (EMAP) a secure messaging service from friends and families to prisoners, detainees, and other individuals held in secure facilities.
In 2015 UTS has won the Best Citizen App and the overall winner of Digital Leaders 100 Awards and in 2016 UTS won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.
All prisons in England and Wales are using EMAP, as well as, The National Probation Service in England and Wales. Samaritans and other support organisation also use the service.
UTS operates in the UK, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

About Unilink
With over 25 years’ experience in the criminal justice sector, Unilink is a world leader in probation and community corrections software applications, as well as prisoner self-service, offender management, and online services for the friends and family of prisoners.
Unilink’s integrated suite of products provides a complete digital solution, enabling efficient management of offenders in probation, prisons, and community, as well as providing digital services to offenders. Underpinned by biometrics it integrates seamlessly to deliver security, efficiency, and value – while being independently proven to help prisoners with their rehabilitation.
Unlinks’ solutions and services are used by over 80 correctional facilities in the UK, across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the National Probation Service in the UK.

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