Unilink at Security and Policing Home Office event 2019

Unilink, the Leading Prison Visits Supplier in the UK, will exhibit at the Security and Policing Home Office event.
The official Government forum takes place in Farnborough 5th – 7th March and brings together experts, suppliers and officials to discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience.
Today over 70 of the UK’s prisons use Unilink’s Secure Biometric Visits System. Employed in all the High Security Estate since 2004 and many other prisons throughout the UK, Unilink’s visits system has recorded the details of over 10,000,000 prison visits. The system has been developed for prisons with banned visitor lists, reports on suspect visitors, measures to prevent drug delivery, fast entry kiosks and facial recognition. The system combines with turnstiles and gates to allow ingress and controlled exit of social and legal visitors, staff and official visitors while preventing escapes. Data gathered can be checked against watch lists as required. Unilink has recently announced a range of enhancements including IP cameras, facial recognition, fast entry visitor kiosks and “MorphoWave” technology.
For a demo and more information, visit our stand A53 or get in touch on enquiries@unilink.com