Probation Cloud/Case Management

  • Manage Offenders and Activities
  • Easy and secure access from any device at any location
  • Allows secure information sharing between designated and approved parties
  • Accountability -Track and evaluate allocated case action/intervention
  • Secure IL2/IL3 Probation Cloud

Probation Offender Reporting System (PORS)

Unilink’s Self-Service pods and biometrics are used to boost the operational efficiencies of offender reporting. That allows Probation Officers to concentrate on high risk offenders. Two current functions of PORS are:

Self-Service Attendance Reporting allows low-risk offenders to biometrically report and confirm their attendance on self-service pods, providing the statutory reporting appointment experience.

Community Payback Offender Reporting allows offenders, scheduled for Community Payback, to biometrically register their attendance and departure against work appointments, and provide feedback and targeted information via the self-service pods or remotely in the field.

“We can redeploy staff to other roles we have not been able to fill…” Officer