Unilink Software has established strong partnership with the Police forces.

“Having been involved in two other software development projects Unilink is in a league of their own on customer service & delivery” Hampshire Constabulary


SafetyNet is a proven cloud-based solution for reducing crime and ASB. This case management tool has been designed specifically to aid Community Safety Partnership agencies and the Police forces to successfully identify and manage vulnerable individuals, victims and offenders.

  • Identify, monitor and manage victims and vulnerable individuals.
  • Identify offenders, assess and manage risk revels.
  • Facilitate monitoring, management and reduction of Anti-Social Behaviour 

"We have found SafetyNet to be very useful in bringing information together from all of our partner agencies. This multi-agency portal allows for events, actions and supporting documentation to be captured in one single place leading to better informed decision making concerning particular cases, faster responses to events both for victims and offenders and more comprehensive follow up action to be taken"Steve Foston, Senior Safer Neighbourhoods Officer, North Lincolnshire

SafetyNet consists of two main components:

  1. ICM - Integrated Case Management
  2. NMS - Neighbourhood Management System


  • Enables real-time information access from any location, even from a hand held PDA.
  • Enables access to all logged case information in one place, enhancing problem solving.
  • Facilitates action and task coordination between agencies, thereby increasing the safety of vulnerable individuals and reducing the risk of harm.
  • Early interventions
  • Provides a reliable auditing tool
  • Improves recource demand planning and reduces organisational and individual risk.
  • Enables the transparency and accountability of involved agencies.

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