Unilink is proud of its record of customer and supplier testimonials. We endeavor to deliver an excellent and innovative service and supply “what it says on the box”. Following are comments from customers, suppliers and partners.

“It was great to deal with a company that actually delivered things…”Dept for Correctional Services, South Australia, 2016


“It is unfortunate that to date the resources for capital investment in new technologies in public sector prisons have not been found while private sector prisons have given priority to investment in new technology. We recommend that the Ministry carry out a cost-benefit analysis of implementation of in-cell technology across the public sector prison estate.”

“Some witnesses questioned whether public sector prisons could reasonably make comparable savings to those achieved in the private sector.[…] Our conversations during our visits and with private sector providers suggested that, as we have already mentioned, technology, in particular in-cell self-service kiosks, had been a contributory factor in limiting the costs of running new establishments, enabling them to be run with leaner staffing levels.” House of Commons Justice Committee report on Prisons: planning and policies, March 2015

 “I would say there are two elements to that (staff turnover) first of all in terms of staffing numbers it largely depends upon what you’ve got your staff doing and I think the Northumberland staff have experienced the change, where they reduced staffing numbers but before we introduced the kiosk technology they found it very very difficult.  We have introduced the kiosk technology to match our other prisons and what they’ve found then is that all of the transactional processes that they were involved in is now done by the prisoner on the kiosk.  That actually frees them up then to get out and continue building and maintaining relationships with prisoners and I think we keep coming back to the kiosks but they’ve been an invaluable element of innovation in new prisons and they then allow the staff then to focus on what’s important and that’s getting to know the prisoners, not sat in an office manually dealing with one hundred and fifty canteen applications.”, Mike Conway, Sodexo Operations Director at Justice Select Committee, November 2014

“Two initiatives in particular are worthy of highlighting. The “Email a prisoner” service allows prisoners to receive directly onto their kiosk an email to which they can respond. This encourages constructive links to be maintained with family members, particularly children. Secondly, HMP Kilmarnock has a secure payments facility which allows money to be paid electronically into a prisoner’s account, through an external processing company. This reduces the need for cash handling within the prison.”


“I had a problem with our Biometrics system at HMP Frankland. Your telephone response staff was as ever, very good, even with me phoning and changing details of contacts a couple of times. I know from experience that praise is not usually followed up and only the negatives are but I found your staff to be very professional.  Thanks”, Jim Peters, HMP Frankland



There were good security systems to identify prisoners and visitors, using fingerprint technology, but prisoners were also required to wear brightly covered vests over their clothes”

Nick Hardwick – Chief of Prison Inspector of Prisons


“Working in partnership presents data sharing challenges but also opportunities to utilise information in ways that can potentially transform service delivery and improve public confidence.

SafetyNet allows us to share information with our partners, in real time, which can assist us in achieving better outcomes for citizens. Additionally it can improve the way we jointly manage individuals to safeguard vulnerable people”.

Hampshire Police ACC – Laura Nicholson


“This is probably the most significant technological innovation in prison management that I have ever seen” PO at HMP


“Prisoners can now have the confidence that what they input into the machine is actioned immediately” PO at HMP


“From a staff perspective there is no doubt that this has taken an immense amount of mundane administration away and released them to concentrate on core delivery of security and supervision” PO at HMP


“The Kiosks are fantastic. Their introduction has meant that they have cut down on all the paperwork that was associated with prisoner monies and canteen. It is these areas that have undoubtedly had the most effect” PO at HMP


“From a greening perspective, there has been a massive reduction in paper usage. There has also been a reduction of in the number of mistakes being made, orders going astray, and arguments over the wrong item being ordered…”  Senior Manager- HMP Lowdham Grange


“The system itself has been working very well, the staff have embraced it as it is easier and friendlier to use than our previous system. The staff we have dealt with from day one, (at a security exhibition), to tender presentation, to installation, through to support have been professional, and extremely helpful.” PO at HMP


 Unilink’s support has been second to none. Other healthcare and custodial professional visitors have seen our system working and have been most impressed and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Unilink\CMS to them.” Ian Malkin, Security Key Supervisor


Lynx Networks has been a supplier to Unlink Software for over 10 years. In this time Lynx Networks has been involved with and completed many large projects for and on behalf of Unlink, within the high Security Prison establishment. 

The amount of business that Unlink has placed with Lynx Networks bares testament to the Quality of the Products and solutions offered by Unlink. This business in turn is backed up by highly professional individuals from Business development, sales, software development, project management, engineering through to after sales.


Therefore the level of service and expertise offered by Unlink, is offered by Lynx Networks to ensure the high standards and expectations are met and maintained at all times, in the delivery of their product.   Richard Devereaux, Project Manager


“NForce/CMS is a sophisticated Offender Management System, managing the establishment through the use of biometric fingerprint identification.” PO at HMP


“We can redeploy staff to other roles we have not been able to fill…” PO at HMP


“Our whole experience of Unilink has been positive. From initial consultation to the delivery we have had a mutually, supportive relationship. The whole programme was delivered to extremely tight schedules, on time and on budget, and I look forward to hopefully expanding our use of the Unilink system, in the future.” Prison Officer HMP Leeds


“The system is one of the best aids to security I have ever seen in the Prison Service: easy, efficient and a work-improving tool.  It actually makes things easier for the user.” Visits Officer


“Having been involved in two other software development projects Unilink is in a league of their own on customer service & delivery” Hampshire Constabulary


“Excellent company to deal with” Kalyx Services (now part of Sodexo)


“Great – thanks so much for all your help. I wish all companies were like Unilink!   I must admit it doesn’t matter what sort of query I have (I use Biometrics as well) you lot always return calls etc and get everything sorted !! Thanks again!” HMP Long Lartin

Comments on The Unilink Group’s Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation

To all the good people of Unilink Technology: – I just wanted to extend my heart-felt congratulations on winning the Queens Award.  You provide a wonderful service.  Thank you thank you thank you! Juliet


Congratulations on your award. I look forward to the further roll out of the reply service, kiosks and in cell access. I understand that services have to be invited to tender, but to initiate the process there has to be a perceived need and potential solution. Keep up the good work and yes I know this email goes to tech support but you are vital part of the service that makes it viable.  Sue Donoghue


Many congratulations on receiving this honour. Your achievement of it is richly deserved – very well done! Jerry Petherick, Managing Director G4S


Congratulations for your award and best wishes! Tiago Cardoso Leitão, IPS_Innovative Prison Systems


Congratulations! This is fantastic – what an achievement, Tony, a2b print solutions


Many congratulations to everyone on receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation.   I am delighted to hear it, and the award is well deserved. Prof. Cynthia McDougall, OBE, Ph.D. University of York


Many congratulations! Service we had from Paul & Dave was exceptional so well deserved. Carolyn Bramall, CTU, HMP Manchester


Congratulations, I also saw this on LinkedIn earlier today as well, quite an accomplishment. Also please share my congrats to Zaneta and Francis. Fred Ramon


Congratulations Unilink! Aarron Hoy, UPS Ltd.


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone – very pleased for you guys 🙂 🙂 Alex Deane, Managing Director & Head of Public Affairs UK, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting


Well done sirs!! Nigel Cook, Lead ICT Administrator, HMP Yarl’s Wood


On behalf of ICPA I would like to congratulate Unilink on their award.  Beth Johnston, ICPA


Congratulations guys.  Well done, a great achievement. Andrew Beck, Deputy Managing Director & Director of Operations, Justice and Health – Serco Asia Pacific